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Merit Award Winners

St. Mary Elementary-Middle School awards “MERIT AWARD” winners
each month to students that demonstrate responsibility, compassion,
and respect; all of these traits are part of our Mission Statement.
Students may earn a “Merit Slip” from any staff member, who will place
the Merit Slip in the school Merit Box. Mr. Mental, school principal, will
select two or three winners in grades K through 8th each month. Each
winner will be awarded a certificate honoring their award and their
name placed on the “MERIT AWARD” board located in our main lobby.
Our school is very proud of our winners and would like to congratulate
all of the students that earned the Merit Slip during the past month.
God bless each of you!


Grades K – 3 ~ Isabella Granado and Bre Sparling

Grades 4 – 8 ~ Alexander Lisiecki


Grades K – 3 ~ Gunner Wall

Grades 4 – 8 ~ Antonio Hernandez Sandoval and Maxayany Mendez


Grades 4 – 8 ~ Lem Reynolds, Audrey Crabtree and Griffin Flournoy