Covid 19 Guidance and Plans


Marion St. Mary

For the 2021-2022 school year, St. Mary School is focusing on consistent in-person learning and traditional school activities in a safe environment. We would like to thank our students, staff, and families for their continued support and participation amidst difficult conditions. 

Current Health and Safety Guidelines for the School: 

Face coverings/Masks are recommended for students/staff at school, though they are not required.

Before taking a child to school, all parents/caregivers must monitor students for symptoms, including taking their child(ren)’s temperature.

Students will maintain 3 ft social distancing in classrooms and at lunch when possible.

Students/staff will consistently wash and sanitize hands and surfaces. High touch surfaces (water fountains, etc.) will be cleaned frequently.

Consistent seating order and movement around the school (to classrooms, Mass, cafeteria, specials, bathrooms) will be maintained for easier contact tracing.

The school will follow all guidelines for Covid exposure and quarantine, including requiring exposed individuals to wear an appropriate face covering if exposed.

ALL bus-riding students must wear masks on buses, and will put them on prior to leaving the building.


Please see the flowchart and guidance below from the Ohio Department of Health.