St. Mary School participates in the free and reduced lunch and breakfast programs. If your student qualified at St. Mary or at another school last year, they begin the school year on that same qualification. That applies for the first 30 lunch days of the school year.

Student health and wellness is a priority for St. Mary School. Our wellness team is completing a triennial assessment of the school’s wellness policy and crafting a new policy for next school year. To ask for more information or to join the wellness team, please call the school at 740-382-1607 or email us at Please see our current wellness policy here.

If you are new to St. Mary this year from another school, please send a note to school the first day indicating if your child is free or reduced. If I do not receive a signed note from a parent or guardian, lunch will cost $2.75. Reduced price is $.40. You MUST fill out new paper work to qualify for the new school year. Applications will come home with your student the first day of school. If you receive a direct certification letter for free lunch you need not fill out the application. The direct certification letter will be mailed to your home the week before school starts.

Lunch with milk (Lunch w/Juice or Water add$.50) $2.75
Reduced Lunch $.40
Breakfast $1.50
Reduced Price Breakfast $.30
Milk $.40
Juice or Water $.50
Sandwich or Main Dish $1.00
Fruit or Vegetable Side $.50
Dessert $.50
Extra Sandwich with Lunch $.75

Lunches can be paid daily, weekly, or monthly. Please use the form your student brings home each month with the menu to order and prepay for lunch. I keep track of every student and give credit for absences or snow days. Paying weekly or monthly is a time saver and huge convenience for me.

Charging of lunch is not permitted. If you have hardship circumstances please call or write me a note; I will work with you.

We will not begin serving breakfast until after Labor Day. The cost of breakfast is $1.50, $.30 for students who qualify foreduced meals, and free for students who qualify for free meals. Breakfast is prepay or exact change ONLY. Breakfast is served from 7:30 a.m. until 7:50 a.m. It is a grab and go breakfast, picked up in the cafeteria and taken to the classroom to be eaten there. Students are not permitted to arrive in the cafeteria before 7:30. a.m. No breakfast will be served on 1 or 2 hour delay days.

Any student with food allergies must have a note from their doctor.

Parents are not permitted to send or deliver a fast food lunch to their child in the cafeteria.

In addition to the school lunch we also sell any item on the tray ala carte.

Our students are expected to clean up after themselves.  Students must raise their hands to be excused, push in their chairs, return their trays and silverware to the proper place, dispose of their trash properly, and use common manners in the cafeteria.

Thank you for your support of the cafeteria and your efforts to ensure the students receive a healthy meal at school!

Diane Duckworth, Cafeteria Manager