Tuition Rates for 2023-2024

Please find all tuition/fee information for St. Mary School at the link here.

Payment Information for 2022-2023

  • Families designated as self-paying must arrange a payment plan through the FACTS Tuition Application. We encourage families in this category to apply for tuition assistance from the Diocese of Columbus by March 15th through FACTS at .
  • We encourage all self-paying families to apply for the Father Furey Scholarship (information released in Summer 2022) which covers partial or full tuition. Families do not need to be Catholic to apply.
  • Families awarded the EdChoice scholarship must complete all registration information for EdChoice in a timely manner. The school provides a list of required documents with the enrollment packet.
  • Please call the school at (740)382-1607 or email the school at to request assistance with payment options.

Scholarship & Tuition Assistance

Various options are available for families who would like to attend St. Mary School but need assistance with tuition:

The EdChoice Scholarship Program is beneficial for many Marion St. Mary families. This program allows families to take the money that would have been attached to their student(s) at a public school, and redirect it toward tuition for St. Mary School.

Keep in mind, this is money that belongs to you and your family, as it would be attached to your child at a public school he/she would attend, and reflects the money you pay in taxes that goes to the schools in your area. The EdChoice program just allows you to send funds where you will see them benefit your family the most. 

EdChoice Scholarships cover the entire cost of tuition for an individual student, and many families qualify. There are two types of scholarships, described below. 


The following students entering kindergarten through 8th grade are eligible to apply for a 2021-2022 EdChoice Scholarship:

  • Children who attend or would be assigned to Taft Elementary, Hayes Elementary, McKinley Elementary or Grant Middle School
  • Children who are “open enrolled” who would be assigned to Taft Elementary, Hayes Elementary, McKinley Elementary or Grant Middle School
  • Children who are home schooled who would be assigned to Taft Elementary, Hayes Elementary, McKinley Elementary or Grant Middle School
  • Students new to Ohio who would be assigned to Taft Elementary, Hayes Elementary,  McKinley Elementary or Grant Middle School

EdChoice Expansion

To qualify for the EdChoice Expansion Scholarship, families must demonstrate financial need, much as they might for the FAFSA for college. The EdChoice Expansion application is much simpler than the FAFSA, however. Families must provide proof of address/income along with other registration information. EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Income Guidelines for 2022-2023 are found here. 

Ed Choice Forms

The following forms may be printed for your convenience or obtained in the school office.

EdChoice Application Form

Acceptable Forms of Address Verification

Income Verification Form

Ed Choice Scholarship applications will be taken until all available scholarships have been awarded.  Scholarships may be limited therefore it is recommended you apply as early as possible.

*St. Mary School is happy to help families needing assistance with EdChoice applications. Please call the school at 740-382-1607 and set up an appointment, and we will help you through the process.

The first step to qualify your child for financial assistance at St. Mary School is completing the FACTS Financial Assistance Application at .  The application is used to determine financial assistance from the Diocese of Columbus. After the amount of Diocesan assistance is determined, additional tuition assistance at the local level is available to qualifying students. The application fee will be refunded to families who submit proof of payment to the school office.

The Father Fred Furey Fund provides assistance to help defray the cost of tuition at St. Mary School.  Interested families should print and complete the form below and return it with your current tax return to the school office.

Application for Fr. Furey Scholarship